Thursday, July 2, 2009

Eating in Israel

A little while back, Treppenwitz wrote this post: describing a restaurant in Israel that loads you up on meat. It sounds similar to a Brazilian restaurant near my office where servers walk around with various meats to serve people. Because it's near my office, we frequently have "fare well" parties there. I can no longer attend the parties, because the aroma of the meats is so good, and it's most definitely not kosher.

So I commented to my sister-in-law and her husband, living in Israel, that when I next visited, I hoped I'd be able to eat at this restaurant. My sister-in-law then commented about a similar restaurant (South American) with a similar experience. Bro-in-law then chimed in about taking us to Burgers Bar. And of course I previously mentioned to my wife that I want to go to KFC, Pizza Hut (apparently at a mall in Jerusalem), and Burger King (Ben Yehuda Street).

The time spent in our next visit will be roughly divided up as:

50% - Visit family and friends
49% - Visit restaurants
1% - See the rest of Israel.

I might need to book an extra seat next to me for the flight home... ;-)

We do hope to make it over the pond in the next year or two, depending on when my job here transfers to a new location.

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