Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ever have one of those days... er... weeks???

Been a busy few months lately, sorry I haven't been able to write much. But after a crazy week, I just needed to share & unload!

Monday I had a tickle in my throat, which for me, is usually a bad sign. By night time, it was an effort to swallow. Oh great. As soon as the doctor's office opened on Tuesday, I called to make an appointment for a throat culture... I'm pretty sure it's strep. Have a 2:30 appointment.

An hour or two later on Tuesday, Laya calls, the furnace is getting very noisy. And if Laya can hear it, it must be really bad. *sigh* I called the plumbing/heating/AC company we have a service contract with, have them come over, and since I'm feeling even worse, I head home myself.

The heating guys come in, open up a panel, turn the furnace back on, and you can see everything bouncing like crazy in there. Not good. The furnace is the original, about 37 years old, no replacement parts available, etc. Time for a new furnace. They do some measuring, calling, etc. Came back with a price of $2,520. Not chump change, but less than I had feared. They said they'd be in first thing Wednesday morning.

Now off to the doctor. The nurse and doctor are both blown away by my enormous tonsils. They are normally big (that's why I don't eat popcorn... gets stuck in the tonsils), so when I'm sick, they really swell up. In fact, all I could get down for breakfast and lunch was applesauce and soup. Anyway, the culture quickly confirmed it was strep, I'm put on antibiotics, and told not to get the rest of the family sick. *sigh*

Back home, I set up portable heaters around the house as it's supposed to get cold that night. I include a heater downstairs by the sofa/bed. I'll sleep down there to keep from getting Laya sick.

Wednesday finally comes, and the new furnace is being installed. Just then, the washer/dryer pees on the floor, either a leak, or the suds overflowed. But it's been a chain of events, (washer doesn't wash well, have to "spin" 2-3 times, have to run the dryer at least twice to dry a load, etc.) Grrrr... fix it again, or get a new one? Discuss, agonize, and finally come to the conclusion that needs to go as well.

So I start looking up stacked W/D's on the net (we have a very small space). Basically there are only two available that fit the space, that I can fine. Sears/Kenmore, which is what we have, or a unit at Lowes. Also have to give major props out to my dad here... I called him to see if he had any thoughts on washer/dryers. He went out and checked several stores out. (There is a shopping center near him that has a lot of the major stores) I head out to Lowes to get more information. The key point when talking with the sales guy there is that it would take 8-10 days between ordering and getting the new unit. Guess I'm getting a new Kenmore then!

Thursday morning I ordered a new washer dryer, and requested an early Friday delivery. The delivery folks call, and they'll be delivering right when Laya will be taking the kids to school. Okay, a little more sick time then. The come right on time Friday morning, haul out the old one, and then.... the hose is stuck on the valve (the one that connects the water to the washer.). "If I turn any harder, I'll break it. You need a plumber." At this point I contemplate dropping to the ground and laughing out of sheer frustration. Nah. "Okay, I'll call them right away." They left the W/D, and gave me a number to call them back after the valves are replaced.

I called the plumbing company. The woman asks if they have ever been to my place before. "Yes, you just installed a new furnace 2 days ago... it's been a bad week!" :-) The plumber came at about 12 pm, so Laya was there, and saw the new valves installed. I called the W/D installers, and they said they'd be by about 3-4 pm. Okay, Shabbos doesn't start until 5:18, we are good.

I get home, and call at 4 pm to see what's up. "We're coming, it'll be a little bit." 4:30 I call again. "They are on their way, they'll call you soon." 5 pm, they call me. "We'll be there in 45 minutes." Oh boy. I said "The Jewish Sabbath begins at 5:15, you can come in, but I will NOT be able to sign anything." The guy said "Will you be home??" I said that I would, but repeated that I could not sign anything. "Okay, no problem."

5:18, we light the candles, and by 5:30, are eating Chicken Fajitas. They arrive right at 5:45. They quickly get everything hooked up, then come up and say "Just sign right here." I said "I explained on the phone, it's now the Jewish Sabbath, I can not sign anything." "Oh, no problem, your wife can sign then!" Oy... I explain that neither of us can sign. He starts getting a little agitated. "Someone needs to sign that we delivered and installed this unit!" I explained again, and reminded him that I told him on the phone we wouldn't be able to sign. Finally he calls his boss. "Yeah, this guy is telling me because of his religion, he can't sign this paper... what do I do?" The boss was on speaker phone, so I heard the answer... "Okay, just head on home then." They quickly left.

Oy, what a week. But since I'm in a class all this week, it's a good thing it all happened last week... although not happening at all would have been even better! ;-)