Monday, April 20, 2009

Not forgotten...

No, I haven't forgotten this blog. I've just been crazy with various things going on.

At work, I'm taking training for the "Black Belt" level of Lean Six Sigma (no, not a strange form of Karate). Certification requires 3 weeks of classes (beyond the 1 for the green belt level), and doing two projects. The last of the classes ends this Friday. I'm about in the middle of my first project. If I can get input/data from the right people, I'll probably finish it within a month. But some are really dragging their feet. Plus I need to do my regular work as well. (and of course all the leave time used for Peasach)

On the home front I'm preparing for my trip down to Savannah for the 2009 Ride to Remember. This includes plotting out a route (I have a nice one planned, mostly following Rt. 17 down from Fredricksburg all the way to Savannah. Passes kosher restaurants in Virginia Beach, VA; Wilmington, NC; and Myrtle Beach, SC (where they are also having "Bike Week"). I've also been getting the bike ready. Got new grips put on, and a throttle lock as well. I also have a new fuseblock coming to hook up my auxiliary lights, GPS, and other electrical doo-dads. I also plan to borrow a "SPOT" unit so those who might be interested can follow my progress down and around the south.

More to come!