Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Awww man! I missed it!!

I just sent the last post when I a whim, I went to check the history of this blog. Drat, I missed my first Bloggiversary. My first post, "Hello World" was posted March 21, 2007.

At the end of the post, I stated:
How often will I post? Will this be one of those many deserted blogs? I don't know. I'm figuring this out as I go along. (Literally! I have a copy of Brad Hill's "Blogging for Dummies" next to me, and several "Blogger.com" help pages open as I type this).

According to the dashboard, I made 58 posts (not including this one and the one I just made, since they technically are in the new year). So a little over a post a week. And there were a few dry spells where I didn't post for a while. So all in all, not too bad. It's not like I have a huge readership. (A few family members, and Mordechai!) but anyone is always welcome to read and pick my thoughts. And Laya likes the posts because they preserve some of the stories of our kids. I need to back some of them up, or print them out so the kids can read them later. (hopefully I won't be scarring them or anything ;-) ) Oh, and I haven't used a book since that first week, I may not do any of the fancy stuff, but I have the basics working.

Anyway, thanks for reading... hopefully I'll have more soon. (here's a teaser, I dropped my motorcycle off this morning for a motorcycle auction to be held this weekend. I'm hoping I won't have to go back to pick it up!)

Use of internet at work...

We received a note at work a few days ago that all "non-official" internet use was to be banned. They were going to be tracking everyone's usage of the internet, and any use that wasn't for official business would be reported to the director. This certainly put a scare into everyone. Now, I admit, I do use the internet a bit at work, mostly for non-business e-mail. Some people get personal email delivered to their work address, but I think that's crossing too many lines and can cause confusion. I also do read a few blogs, and post to this one, during breaks. My brain can't take straight work work work the whole time, I need to explore a little bit every now and then to keep fresh. I actually find Wikipedia refreshing, I learn so many new things on there, some useful, and some just for pop trivia knowledge. (Some people smoke during their breaks, I try to learn something new during breaks)

Then we got an email today saying the first one was taken out of context, and it was just being considered right now, and probably wouldn't be that harsh, etc. But still, it has me thinking, where is the line? How much is too much? If I wasn't checking email or looking for something new to read, I'd probably leaf through a book or a magazine, something not work related to jog my mind a bit. Granted, I do see other users who seem to hog up things on the internet, such as videos, instant messaging, etc, which I believe is going too far, but then again, my boss who never uses the internet at work, except for what he absolutely needs to could say that I use too much just to read emails. (probably wouldn't say it, since I still do get all my work done, but could)

No magic answers, just some things to ponder.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whew, that's over

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I had been taking a Hebrew class, and was struggling to keep up. It killed a lot of my time for other activities. It's over for now, I might take it again next fall after reviewing everything starting back at chapter one. It helped a little, I'm recognizing more and more words in the siddur. But at the same time, when my brother-in-law from Israel was visiting, I asked him in Hebrew "Where are you going?" and when he answered, it went straight over my head. Oy!

The other thing that has been going on lately is my quest for a new (or new to me) motorcycle. My beloved Concours still runs, but is now at a stage where she needs a more mechanical hand to keep her in tip top shape. Mine is not that hand. I also want something that's lower to the ground, I'm tired of tip toeing. Right now I'm focusing in on the Kawasaki Nomad 1600 (2005+). It's several inches lower, has fuel injection (most of my problems with the current bike are from the carbs), a shaft drive, and lockable luggage, things that are important to me.

Anyway, I have a few new posts in mind, just need to sit down and work on them (one of them may require a video... Hmmm....)