Monday, June 15, 2009

Baby JDMDad - Part 3 - in 3D!!!

JDMDad, Laya, and big sisters Tikvah and Ahava are proud to announce:

Baby JDMDad (Part 3) is here!

Baby was born on Monday, June 15, 2009, (23 Sivan 5769) at 11:59 am.

Weight: 7 lbs. 2 oz.

Length: 19.5 inches

Cuteness ratio (Scale 1-10): 25 (Caution, data may have some internal bias)

Finger Count: 10/10

Toe count: 10/10

_XX__ Has lots of hair
___ Has some hair
___ Has little hair
___ Bald

Crying Loudness (dB): Darn... broke the meter!!!

Mother & Baby are:

_X___ Doing fine
____ Both crying, loudly
____ Baby is trying to get back inside Mother
_X___ Both requesting some ice cream
____ Still enjoying the epidural
____ Trying to sneak out of the hospital
____ In total shock

Father is:

_X___ Extremely happy
_X___ Extremely stunned
____ Regaining consciousness
____ Trying to get feeling back in his hand after mother squeezed too hard during contractions
____ Thumbing through a dictionary, trying to understand all those exotic names that Mother called him this time
____ Wandering the halls, muttering to himself, "Three of them? Mom and I are outnumbered!! What did we do?! What were we thinking?!"
____ Fast asleep. ZZZZzzzzzzz


_X___ is very happy
____ is worried
____ is busy being spoiled by her great aunt.
_X___ is in school, missing all the fun
_X___ Doesn't even know the gender... yet.


____ is very happy
____ is very scared
____ has no idea what's going on with all the commotion
_X___ is busy being spoiled by her great aunt.
_X___ is trying to figure out where Mommy's big belly went
____ is wondering if next week Daddy's belly will shrink, and another baby will arrive
_X___ Doesn't even know the gender... yet.

The doctor said:

____ "I've been studying the Cosby Method. Ready? 'Push him out, Shove him out, WWWWWAAAAYYYY OUT!!!! '" [If you don't know vintage Bill Cosby, don't bother trying to understand this one. ;-) ]
____ "I remember you from last time. I'll be right back!" We are still looking for him.
_X___ "The baby looks fine!"
____ "Next time, I need EARPLUGS!!!!"
____ "Your husband is in the recovery room. The bump on his head from hitting the floor will go away in a few days."

And finally, the baby is a:



Brand new,


(Am I stalling?)


Did I say Cute?



Okay, okay, I give up...

____ Boy (JDMDad is no longer the only man of the house. And loves it!)
__X__ Girl (JDMDad is now outnumbered 4 - 1. And loves it!)

Name to be announced:

__X__ Next Torah reading JDMDad gets to
____ Bris

JDMDad, Laya, Tikvah, Ahava, and the new one. (need to come up with a name, and a blog name, such pressure! :-) )

P.S. June 15th is the 18th annual "Ride to Work" Day ( However, Laya preferred I take her to the hospital in the van rather than on the motorcycle. I should have gotten the sidecar when I had the chance!