Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why is it on Yom Kippur...

Why on Yom Kippur does conversation always seem to turn to food?

I was mentioning to one member of our shul, who rides, how my Jewish motorcycle group would be having a meeting next month at a kosher restaurant. Then we started talking about the kosher restaurant business (business is hard, when the economy turns bad, people stop eating out), then about specific restaurants here and in Baltimore, then about Dougies, Subway, etc. It was about 4:30 pm (Mussaf was over around 3:15 pm, Mincha was at 4:45, so it wasn't worthwhile to go home), so talking about food definitely wasn't helping my fast. I made it, but didn't need the reminder midday! :-)


Anonymous said...

Not by us. Any free time is spent on Rambam, Hilchot Teshuvah. That keeps minds and hearts focussed and busy. The only discussion about food is if someone must eat and needs guidance, or shortly before the break-fast.

I think I would get very distracted if talking about food on Yom Kippur.

Now, if the discussion turned to an original exhaust setup for my old Honda 750Four... :-D

Hag Sameah! BTW... ;-)

Jacob Da Jew said...

Dougies sucks. Period.

Jewish Deaf Motorcycling Dad said...

Blasphemy!!! ;-) Look, before I became observant, I ate a LOT of BBQ. Maybe Dougies isn't the best, but it's not like I can find a whole load of Kosher BBQ restaurants!

And for Mordechai, we didn't mean to steer into food, we had just finished a lesson, and were waiting for the next set of davening. Guess I should have just buried my nose in a book. :-)