Monday, August 4, 2008

Peer Pressure

I've heard of how easily kids succumb to peer pressure, but now I'm seeing it in Tikvah already (she turns 5 soon). She used to wear pants all the time. Then she started talking about how a few of the girls in her pre-school would always have a skirt or dress on, they never wore pants. (mostly the daughters of some of the Chabad rabbis). Now I've noticed in the last month or two that she hasn't worn pants at all, except for the few occasions she was told she needed them for a particular thing we were going to where skirts weren't a good idea (a playground if I remember right). Well, I guess there are worse things to have peer pressure about, but still, I'll keep an eye on her to make sure future changes are things that she really wants to do, and not just because "the other kids are doing it."



Jacob Da Jew said...

Hey dude, good to see your blog. Peer pressure is a normal and usually positive effect of society.

The key is to surround your child with good people.

Jewish Deaf Motorcycling Dad said...

True enough, and I definitely agree with the "surround your child with good people" part. But I also remember I tried smoking because of peer pressure in high school. Fortunately I realized very quickly that I didn't like it, and there were better things to spend my money on than things that make me cough.