Sunday, April 1, 2007

From the mouth of Babes... (plus a successful April Fool's Joke)

I played an April Fools Joke on my brother-in-law today. I sent him the following e-mail. (My brother-in-law is supposed to drive down from Brooklyn with my parents-in-law tomorrow for Passover)

Bro, we just got back from shopping. The van broke down, we had to take a cab back, I took the car to get back to the van to get the food, but by the time I found the van (was towed to a garage, of course closed on Sunday), everything spoiled. I went back to the store to try to get more food, but everything left is being held for people who already made orders. So we don't have a lot of food here. I'm making reservations at Chabad for the seder there, it's the only thing left at this time. Should I make reservations for you and your parents as well? Since we screwed up by waiting until the last minute, I'll pay for the meals and all. Hopefully we'll have enough for lunches during the Yom Tov, then right afterwards, will go back to the supermarket and kosher shops to see what I can get for the rest of Chol Hamoed, and the Yom Tov afterwards.

I'm tearing out what's left of my hair... what a mess!!!!!!

Sorry about all this.


P.S. Happy April 1st... ;-)

The problem is, the P.S. was apparently on the next screen on his e-mail display, he never saw it. About an hour after I sent the message, I received a call from B-i-L. He had called some of the stores that were local to him to see who still had food left, and who would be open late enough so he could get them after he got off work. When I realized he didn't know it was a joke, I felt so bad, and so good at the same time! *evil grin*

After I finished explaining that it was a joke, and hearing his threats of strangling me when he gets down tomorrow, he asked if there was anything he could bring down since there was still a lot available in Brooklyn. I told him there wasn't anything I needed. Laya said the same thing. Tikvah was nearby and heard the whole conversation. She interrupted the conversation with a loud "You can bring down candy!!"