Monday, February 4, 2008

Vocabulary Review, and football too.

Ah, Superbowl Sunday. I was looking forward to the game (okay, I like the commercials, usually). During the day though, we realized that Tikvah was sick. It started with her complaining her throat hurts. Okay, that happens every now and then. But then when we were out for lunch, she didn't eat any chicken nuggets, but the biggest sign of a problem was she only ate ONE FRENCH FRY!!!! When we got home, I took her temperature. Yep, almost 103. Okay, take it easy, keep warm, no running around (she wasn't in a running around mood anyway).

About an hour before kickoff, I was finishing up some things when Tikvah said "Daddy... I feel like I have to cough." So I wisely said "Oh, it's okay to cough." BBBLLLEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH, there goes everything that was in her tummy for the past few hours. After getting some paper towels and a garbage bag, I kept reassuring her that it was okay. Then I mentioned... "By the way, that's not coughing. That's 'Throwing up.'" She asked me to repeat it a few times (that's how she makes sure she learns new words). I thought of tossing in "vomit, barf, puke, ralph, heave-ho, blowing chunks," etc., but decided that her vocabulary didn't need to grow that fast.

A light dinner later (three bites of a buttered slice of bread) and she was zonked out and ready for bed. Fortunately I Tivo'd the game, and didn't miss the commercials (or the game). Pretty lame this year. A only a few good ones, especially the one with Richard Simmons. I have to admit, my thought was the same as the driver's. :-) The dalmatian/Clydesdale one was cute too. I was very disappointed (although not surprised) in how few of the commercials were closed captioned though. :-(

And to top it off, the Giants won, meaning I have to buy the ice cream when my folks come down to visit in 2 weeks. (not that I'm a Patriots fan, but I always take the AFC, and dad always takes the NFC)


therapydoc said...

Men bond over this stuff, I hear.

Mordechai Y. Scher said...

I hope Tikva is feeling better. This ER nurse is glad you didn't go to the ER or call 911. Yes, we get quite a few of those. :-)

I didn't see any of the Bowl or commercials. I eagerly followed the link to the Bud ad. They make a poor beer, but the Clydesdales are their real asset! I was disappointed by the ad. Since I was a little boy, I've known the Bud tune (When you say Bud, you say a lot of things nobody else can say...) to the imagery of the Clydesdales pulling a draft wagon, or grazing and being groomed. I'm sorry they changed the routine and the tune. (Rocky! Pulleeeeze! Spare me!)

Meanwhile, the bikes are all parked. Frozen snow out here; can't even do service and repairs.

Refuah Sh'laimah to Tikva!

Jewish Deaf Motorcycling Dad said...

Laya took Tikvah to the doctor on Tuesday. Strep throat.

Started her on antibiotics, and she's already running around again.

I remember the days when you had to wait about 3-4 days for the test results to come back to verify it was strep. That was back when I got it so many times that my doctor threatened to take my tonsils out the next time I had it. The threat must have worked, because I haven't had it since.

Temps here today are supposed to get to 71!! But heavy rain showers are called for, with lightning, high winds, etc.

Mordechai Y. Scher said...

Hey, I like that. I'll have to try threatening my patients! :-)

Jack said...

Sorry to hear about Tikvah, but I couldn't be happier about the Giants winning. Can't stand the Pats.