Thursday, December 6, 2007

Sometimes I get whacked with a "Clue x 4"

Yesterday I had a decision I needed to make. After work, I could go home, finish up my Hebrew homework, and also prepare for our oral test; or I could meet up with Laya and the kids at the Chabad "Chanukkah Wonderland" where they were playing. I felt that I was really getting behind in my Hebrew, and needed to catch up, so decided to head home to do some studying. Just as I reached my car though, my left hearing aid stopped working! (Left ear is the one I get most of my understanding from, right ear is just for loud noises.) Completely, no sound!! I tried changing the hearing aid battery, just to see if it was the battery (although usually when it's the battery, it's a gradual decline, not a sudden stop). Nope, same thing with the new battery. Sigh.

Well, at least the hearing aid shop is only a few miles down the road. I'll have them take a look. In the car and off I go. However, exactly as I turned from the entrance ramp on to the main roadway that leads away from my home, and towards the hearing aid shop, I hear a "ZIP!" and the hearing aid starts working again. I checked the switches, the dial, etc., everything is working fine. Hmmmm... I also happen to be pointed straight to the Chanukkah Wonderland. Hmmmmm...

After making sure traffic was clear ahead of me, I took a look up to the sky and said "Okay, okay, I get the message!" Then proceeded to the Chanuakkah Wonderland to have some fun with the kids. And I didn't do too badly in the Hebrew class either.

Side note: I actaully have an appointment with the hearing aid shop today as I need new aids soon, so I'll have them check it out anyway.

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Mordechai Y. Scher said...

Hey, Hanukah Sameah!